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May 4, 2009 § Leave a comment

I have just discovered Krooom, an amazing company that is making all of their furniture out of cardboard, and using “patented technologies” (as they say about fifty times on their site) to make it durable, lightweight, CUTE, and – yes – completely collapsible for easy transport.

Here’s the tricky part – I can’t find it anywhere. It seems they sell it at “select Barnes and & Noble locations,” but doesn’t say which ones, the only other website ( I could find that sells it is out of it, and Krooom itself doesn’t sell it. So where the crap am I supposed to get it? 


Juliet Organizer

Juliet Organizer





So that’s great. Super cute furniture, completely sustainable, completely inaccessible.

Another company I love – Brocade Home – has their website up and running and I’m so glad. I could be a little behind on this (probably a lot behind) but last year I checked it obsessively and to no avail. Almost all of their products are laser-cut gorgeousness, and entirely too expensive for the likes of me, a lowly grad-student.

This amazing headboard is actually on SALE! Starting at $199 for a full:


#Lace Pattern Headboard $199 and up

Lace Pattern Headboard $199 and up

And now that I know it’s on sale I might have to buy it. Oh my gosh I love it… also on sale are some beautiful duvet covers, like this one, only $39 for a Full/Queen. I might have to have that, too.


Abstract Floral Duvet $39 and up

Abstract Floral Duvet $39 and up

I heard about this recently and think it is fabulous, and as soon as I can afford to get some ink for my printer (it is EXPENSIVE, y’all), I will definitely take advantage of it. It is called Fonts in Bloom and it allows you to create a font based on your handwriting! How cool is that. I’m envisioning custom art work! (*side note – I am a huge, huge fan of word art. Typography is an alternate career path for me, should my vocal cords go down the flusher and I can no longer be in the music business – I love words scrawled on just about anything, especially big canvases!)

I downloaded some free fonts yesterday after a bit of Etsy digging – I noticed these cards on there (that I’ve also seen elsewhere) that are essentially retro cartoons with tongue-in-cheek, sassy sayings on them. I like them and think they should be framed, but don’t feel like paying $8+ for them (I’m very, very cheap). So, I downloaded Free Retro fonts from Andy Nortnik and created a couple little things, for instance:


Not my classiest work.

Not my classiest work.


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