Something smells inspirational…

May 27, 2009 § Leave a comment

When I lived in New York, I decided that my hair was pretty much my most important accessory. Why? Well, when you’re walking around in the city with a nose-to-toes winter coat, cute hair may as well be the ONLY accessory. So, I explored salons. I started at Nick Arrojo’s (of What Not to Wear), then to Michael Angelo’s Wonderland, then to Midoma. But let’s talk about Wonderland. 

Michael Angelo (the owner) has a whimsical style all his own. Also an artist, photographer, and designer, Michael’s art is, to say the least, expressive – from mermaid barbie dolls hanging from the ceiling to shiny banana wallpaper, there are giggles in every crevice, somehow amounting to a stylish-if-overwhelming salon. The wallpaper is actually scratch n sniff, and is Michael Angelo’s own design. Amazing.






Wonderland sign

Wonderland sign


Cosmetics Corner

Cosmetics Corner


It should be mentioned that this is SCRATCH N SNIFF wallpaper!

It should be mentioned that this is SCRATCH N SNIFF wallpaper!

I’m loving how happy all this stuff is. My new apartment (moving Monday!) is going to be light, airy, colorful, and happy, and I cannot wait. I also can’t wait to post pictures. Feeling good about the move!


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