Greg Grande, set and home designer

June 8, 2009 § Leave a comment

So, I have a confession (that my nearest and dearest are fully aware of and concerned about).

I am addicted to FRIENDS. You know, the TV show.

Like, truly, it is a problem. I have all ten seasons on DVD, and I watch them, and have done so for years. Sometimes every day. I know pretty much every word. When I go home to my parents’ house and watch it, I am greeted with scoffs.

I can explain: I think growing up  it reflected a life that I really wanted to have in New York (my hopes and dreams of this dream life where no one ever goes to work and has 1500 sq ft apartments were soon dashed when I actually DID live in New York working 45 hours a week in a cramped office only to return home to a less-than-600-sq-ft apartment shared with a lot of furniture and another human). That’s not to say I won’t go back after grad school, because obviously I will.

But. I think I also loved the aesthetic. The 90s-fab fashion, the super comfortable and colorful apartments that seem attainable because they are all such a mish-mash and not necessarily off the pages of Elle Decor (which I love very much).

I have another addiction – set designers. Not dating them, no, but looking at their work on various projects. So get ready to see a lot of that.

Greg Grande was the Friends set decorator, and also did some other smaller projects like the not-so-successful “Joey,” “My Boys,” and “Leap of Faith.” He also designs home interiors on the west coast.

First let’s look at some Friends images from his site



Central Perk


Monica's Apartment

Monica's Apartment

Joey's Apartment (after Rachel has the baby)

Joey's Apartment (after Rachel has the baby)

Phoebe's Apartment

Phoebe's Apartment

They are all very busy, and are all lucky enough to have built-in architectural details like shelves, moulding, chair rails, wall panels… ah, that must be nice. I just love the eclectic comfort of it all. So I was interested to see if this dude did any homes I like.

Interestingly, his style doesn’t translate perfectly. The homes look a touch over-done, if you ask me, but I did like this one:


Or maybe I just like the rug.

Or maybe I just like the rug.

I also kind of liked pieces of this one:

Picture 42

And I really like this one:

Picture 43


I guess what I don’t love is that although they are homey, I don’t gather any real personality from them. I’ll give him this – he is versatile – but I’m not sure I’d ask him to design my home.


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