My closet project

June 9, 2009 § Leave a comment

Here’s a funny story {note sarcasm}. I moved into my apartment and there are no racks, shelves, nothin’ at all in the closet. Just a room. A large room, mind you, but a room.

I went to Target and got some crappy portable clothing racks. They are now back in their boxes waiting to be returned as they were pieces of poo.

So I dug into my gumption, sloughed off my feminine side for a moment, went to Lowes, and came home ready to make my own gosh-darn closet.

And guess what, I’m well on the way. In about an hour and a half, I installed three shelves and already it’s looking better! 


All three shelves

Rack for tops and coats

Rack for dresses

So now what you’re thinking is, gosh, she didn’t even fill them up! Well, they will be full soon. There are boxes waiting to be emptied once I go get some more coat hangers (and another dresser full of clothes, eight plastic storage bins, and soon-to-be sixteen storage cubes… 

Now, these pictures were taken on my phone so the lighting is kind of bad, but in general it’s a bit yellow for my taste so I hope to change out the bulb to something brighter and make it a very organized, happy, girly dressing room. I’m gettin’ there!


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