Hi! I’m Natalie. This was supposed to be a blog about home design, but it’s turned into more of a general design survey. I love typography, photography, and snazzy color combinations. Have fun!



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  • Lindsey says:

    Hi! I stumbled upon your blog while looking for a vintage wallpaper pattern for a painting I’m doing. I have to say, I am SO in love with your style. As a fellow college student, I find bargain hunting to be not just fun but necessary.

    I just wanted to ask you if you could continue to post any- and everything! You’ve got great ideas, and my poor duplex in Atlanta needs some style. I think too far in the box when it comes to interior decorating.

    Thank you again!!!

    • nataboo9 says:

      Lindsey! Hi, you are so sweet. It’s funny you asked, because my schedule finally slowed down just enough for me to get excited about ittle again! I will hopefully be posting very soon, and I’m glad I have people that want updates – so, yes, I will, keep checking back!

      Good luck with your duplex – I was just looking at West Elm sale today, and they have some great stuff – check it out in the meantime!

      We’ll be up and runnin’ soon. Thank you!

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