Rearranged the furniture.

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And liking it this way a little better… I think? Still missing the oh-so-important element of kitchen table and chairs, and I really want to wall-mount my TV. So until that day, things are a bit wonky, but I like it this way just because it opens it all up a bit more. Not that it needs opening, it’s big as it is. The items behind the couch are temporary, I have an issue with singular lamps (I just like them in twos, so I’m working on that, but for now it fills the space. I have some big prints in my car that need to come upstairs but it’s raining and I don’t want them to get wet. So keep an eye out! Also check out the cute Anthropologie cup! Mama has good taste!


Trip to Kentucky – cute wine bottles and more antique store finds

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I met up with my parents last week in Frankfort, KY. My dad was slated to have a meeting and play golf out there and my mom came along for the ride, and we spent some jolly time together in the small-town state capital. In comparison to where I live, I’d say it’s about the same, just a little bigger and cleaner. It was sad, though – lots of beautiful architecture, mostly closed up due to business shut-downs. Sad. A lot of the buildings and homes dated back to the mid-18th century.

Anyway, mom and I did some antique shopping and ate a lovely lunch in a little wine bar. I was enamored with the bottle labels, continuing my typography obsession, and also found some lovely cheap goods at the antique store.






Some of you probably know that I’m about to start my masters in Opera and Music Theatre. I went through the decorate-everything-with-show-paraphernalia when I was a kid, but I did love these antique opera vinyls. They were $1 each, and such great colors (…and lettering).

Hatch Show Print

June 13, 2009 § 1 Comment

The June Anthropologie catalog, as all of their catalogs are, is pretty amazing – it features art by Hatch Show Print. Believe it or not, you probably are familiar with their work, even if you don’t realize it. Founded in the late 19th century, Hatch Show Print features classic letterpress design in the same style that they began over a hundred years ago. The company mostly produces country music posters and advertisements, but branches out for other projects. Hatch also used to do a great deal of minstrel and vaudeville shows, as well as circuses.

As we are all aware, I am a typography dork, and I have lately become just obsessed with letterpress. So let’s start where they started, in the beginning.


So you get the gist – now let’s look at this month’s Anthropologie. Oh, by the way, you can order all of these (and MANY more) at very affordable prices as posters on The Country Music Hall of Fame Store Site. Also, by the way, the new Anthropologie catalog’s home stuff is amazing – their room set-ups are cozy, rumpled, bohemian lovely.


Picture 55


Picture 56

Picture 57

Picture 58


Picture 59


June 10, 2009 § 1 Comment

I’m headed out of town today to meet my parents in Kentucky for a little QT and to procure some stuff they are bringing me from home, and they asked for some pictures of my place. I’ve made a little progress, but a lot of things need work, so I thought I’d at least share a few.


Living room... and I just noticed my legs in the mirror back there where I'm standing on a chair.

Living room... and I just noticed my legs in the mirror back there where I'm standing on a chair. The couch needs a LOT more pillows, and they'll get there when I have money. Also, the lamp is just sitting on a decorative box for now - I'm working on a side table. And an extension cord.

Another view of the living room... I hate the vertical blinds and I am going to do something about them

Another view of the living room... I hate the vertical blinds and I am going to do something about them


My little bookshelf tableau in progress

My little bookshelf tableau in progress

The door (which I've posted before from a different angle)

The door (which I've posted before from a different angle)


The closet, also posted before. This time it has more crap in it.

The closet, also posted before. This time it has more crap in it.

I’m heavily debating on the angled living room. It just seemed like a good idea to make the room a little less rail-road-y, but I could use opinions. It does make it cozy, but makes the rest of the room kind of tough. Opinions welcome. Obviously there is a lot more space that I didn’t photograph on purpose, because they are in no condition yet to be published. Soon I will have a lot more wall art, courtesy of my parents, and some other stuff, so look for updates!

My closet project

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Here’s a funny story {note sarcasm}. I moved into my apartment and there are no racks, shelves, nothin’ at all in the closet. Just a room. A large room, mind you, but a room.

I went to Target and got some crappy portable clothing racks. They are now back in their boxes waiting to be returned as they were pieces of poo.

So I dug into my gumption, sloughed off my feminine side for a moment, went to Lowes, and came home ready to make my own gosh-darn closet.

And guess what, I’m well on the way. In about an hour and a half, I installed three shelves and already it’s looking better! 


All three shelves

Rack for tops and coats

Rack for dresses

So now what you’re thinking is, gosh, she didn’t even fill them up! Well, they will be full soon. There are boxes waiting to be emptied once I go get some more coat hangers (and another dresser full of clothes, eight plastic storage bins, and soon-to-be sixteen storage cubes… 

Now, these pictures were taken on my phone so the lighting is kind of bad, but in general it’s a bit yellow for my taste so I hope to change out the bulb to something brighter and make it a very organized, happy, girly dressing room. I’m gettin’ there!

The Decoder Ring, colorful wall candy

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Really liking these hip, colorful posters and fine art prints from The Decoder Ring. They’d add a fabulous pop of color to any wall, and make you look like you are in the know about today’s indie music scene even if you aren’t. So do your research before you invite your cooler-than-you friends over and they start gabbing about The Melvins and Oakley Hall, because if you’re anything like me, you’d be a deer in the headlights, saying, “I just thought it was pretty…”

Stuff i am working on

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Thought you might like to see some of the art I piddle around in. These are a couple projects I started tonight-

- silhouette of me, which I plan to extend to the other members of my family and somehow make it cute and creative.


- did this in about half an hour so it's a bit wonky but the beginnings of a portrait of my parents. Obviously this is just part of daddy so far. It needs a lot of reworking but this is the basic framework for it.